Review of Civil Society Portfolio ( including Culture Projects) of Royal Norwegian Embassy Pakistan. (Principal Researcher Prof. Sajida Vandal)

Norway Embassy & Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)


Desk Review of Culture Sector Projects funded by Norwegian Government, including Aga Khan Cultural Services Projects in Northern Areas.

Assessment/ Review of Cultural Organizations for Civil Society Organization Review

Completed 2007

Project Preparation for the ADB funded “ Pakistan Women Health Project”

Asian Development Bank


Survey of Government Health Facilities in selected districts throughout Pakistan (including Multan) & AJK to examine the cultural acceptability of health facilities and development of proposals for culturally acceptable adaptation of existing facilities. Project Preparation of Women Health Project Pakistan

Health Sector Intervention. Mapping, Action Research and Analysis

Completed 1998

Conservation Plan of Hostel Building of the Pakistan Administrative Staff College, Lahore.

Pakistan Administrative Staff College, Lahore.

Pakistan Administrative Staff College, the Mall, Lahore.

Conservation Plan based on documentation, condition survey, structural analysis etc.

Conservation & Heritage Planning & Rehab Plans

Completed 1984


Rehabilitation of Selected Schools in the Punjab under the Punjab Centers of Excellence Schooling Project.


Punjab, Districts Multan, Bahawalpur, Lodhran and Lahore

Survey of Schools in Selected Districts of the Punjab (Multan, Bahawalpur, Lodran, Lahore)

Development of Rehabilitation/ conservation plans of heritage buildings & adaptive reuse where necessary

Complete Design including architectural & engineering and contract documents. Survey & Mapping of Assets to identify Heritage buildings/premises and Develop Conservation/Rehabilation Plans to Safeguard Heritage

Mapping for Safeguarding Heritage Sites and Premises.

Completed 2006

Follow On Study for Norway’s cultural cooperation with the North West Frontier Province in Pakistan 2008- 2015

Norway (Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Royal Norwegian Embassy)


Survey of Cultural Sector needs of Three districts of the NWFP

Rapid Culture Mapping of Mardan, Abbottabad, Chitral

Development of a Strategic Plan for Norway’s Cultural Funding in Pakistan

Developing Culture Safeguarding Plans and Programs

Mapping of Cultural Assets

Completed 2008

Institute of Calligraphy and Miniature Painting, Walled City Lahore (now Naqash School of Art)

Syed Maratab Ali Trust

Walled City of Lahore, Bazaar-e-Hakima

Intervention in a Historic Area.

Study of Architectural Typography and environmental aspects of vicinity

Proposal for appropriate usage based on research of neighborhood.

Complete architectural and engineering design

completed 1986

Resonating Heritage in a Historic Area

Architectural & Engineering Design

0.55 mil

Lahore Grammar School, Phase I DHA Lahore

LGS, Pakistan

DHA Lahore Phase I

Master Plan

Architecture & Engineering Design of Academic, Administration, Sports, Swimming Pool

Completed: May 1991

Master Plan, Architecture, Engineering Design

40 mil

Lahore Grammar School, Phase 5 DHA Lahore

LGS, Pakistan

DHA Lahore Phase 5

Master Plan

Architecture & Engineering Design of Academic, Administration, Sports, Swimming Pool

Completed: October 2009

Master Plan Architecture, Engineering Design

145 mil

Reproachment of Cultures: Cultural Dialogue in Multan in Collaboration with Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan

UNESCO Islamabad funded by Norway

South Punjab

Deliberating and Reflecting on the role of Culture towards peace building and showcasing cultural expressions of the region. Collaboration between creative persons, academia and civil society and the Multan Arts Council

Promotion of Heritage


Situational Analysis of the Craft Sector in District Bahawalpur & Multan, South Punjab

UNESCO Islamabad funded by Norway

South Punjab

Researched on the Situation of the Crafts in the 2 districts and prepared a comprehensive report for guiding UNESCO work

Mapping & Inventorying of Cultural Assets through Community Based Methodologies


Collection of Songs for publication of DVD: “River Songs of the Mors of the Sutlej”- UNESCO-THAAP, Publications

UNESCO Islamabad funded by Norway

River Sutlej

Identification of river songs along the River Sutlej & Recording of songs of the Moor tribes and published a DVD

Promotion of Heritage


Strategy for Safeguarding Red Fort Muzaffarabad, AJK


Muzzafabad, AJK

Strategy for Preservation & Conservation for Red Fort and promotion of cultural tourism.

Protection, Safegaurding of Heritage for Cultural Tourism and Economic Growth

Completed 2007