THAAP Group’s particular focus is on researchers and academics for they will, and can, lead the way and give Pakistan hope for a richer future. To achieve this goal, International Conferences are held on an annual basis, while Seminars, Colloquiums, Consultative meetings are organized throughout the year.

THAAP Group recognizes the intrinsic link between history, tradition, and culture and acknowledges that our present-day beliefs, value systems, and world view which constitute the culture of a society or community are shaped by the historical past. To date THAAP Group has organized ten international conferences, various talks, evening series and cultural events from year 2010 onwards. First THAAP Conference 2010, titled ‘Historiography of Architecture in Pakistan and the Region’ projected various viewpoints in the writing of history. A consensus developed that history acquires a meaning for the people if written from their perspective. Second THAAP Conference 2011 on ‘Portrait of Lahore: Capital City of the Punjab’ projected the city as an integrated human endeavor. Third THAAP Conference 2012 on ‘Life in Small Towns’ studied various small towns from all over the world in which life becomes the focal point of any composite and meaningful study of towns. Fourth THAAP Conference 2013 on ‘Cultural Roots of Art and Architecture of the Punjab’ explored different dimensions of the sub-continental Punjab to resolve the identity crisis we are in today as Punjabis. Fifth THAAP Conference 2014 focused on exploring the ‘Culture, Art and Architecture of the Marginalized and the Poor’. Sixth THAAP Conference 2015 shed light on people’s narratives and ‘People’s History of Pakistan’. Seventh THAAP Conference 2016 on ‘People and the City’ focused on people and their interaction with cities. Eighth THAAP Conference 2017 focused on ‘The City: An Evolving Organism’. Ninth THAAP Conference 2018 focused on, ‘Art, Tolerance and Democracy.”